a lesson in lip balm


I love a good lip balm. I love natural products with a low carbon footprint. I love that I can throw a couple of easy to find ingredients in a pot and that I can make my own lip balm.

What I did this week: made my own lip balm.
Mood when I started: i was a little apprehensive as the recipe calls for the use of coconut oil. my experience with coconut oil is that it is either rock hard (mostly in winter) or that it has melted down to a liquid (mostly in summer).
Deviation level: my personality type is that of a baker, so i stick to the recipe. mostly. this time i tried half shea butter and half coconut oil to try and circumvent the consistency issue.
Easiest part: the entire process was easy. as i waited for the concoction to melt in the double boiler i was again amazed at how easy (and cheaply) we can make our own products.
Time used: making up the lip balm took me about half an hour and then another half an hour for it to set.
Mood when finished: happy! i was elated at how easy this was. and i had loads of little tubs of lip balm to give away as gifts.
Repeat worthiness: Definitely going to be repeating this over and over and over. {you can pop over to our shop and order yours directly from us}

Url of original recipe: http://www.overthrowmartha.com/2014/04/easy-diy-lavender-coconut-lip-balm.html