cape town permaculture picnic gathering – 19 july 2015


What I did this week: i attended the cape town permaculture picnic gathering held at tyisa nabanye, tamboerskloof.

tyisa nabanye or erf 81 in tamboerskloof is located on an erf owned by the SANDF. tyisa nabanye is a non-profit collective who practice permaculture farming.

Reason: as an aspiring permaculturist myself i love attending these gatherings hosted by PermaFest SA. it is important for me to network with people with the same interests and aspirations, but it also fuels my own passion and drive to do better when it comes to the environment and my impact on it.

Mood when I started: i have to be really honest here, i was not in the mood when i had to leave the warm blankets of my bed on a cold and miserable sunday morning in cape town. i promised someone a lift though and therefore i was tied into this commitment.

What I learnt: the day was set-out for us with a full agenda of informative talks. i learnt about free energy (for more information on the Resonance project you can click through here), i learnt about the “living machines for waste water treatment”, about groups that are looking at putting together “intentional communities following permaculture design principles”. i learnt a bit more about Bitcoin and i also met Michael Tellinger from the ubuntu party.

i also learnt about the participatory guarantee system. this excites me as the PGS “are locally focused quality assurance systems. They certify producers based on active participation of stakeholders and are built on a foundation of trust, social networks and knowledge exchange.” Google PGS for more information.

the thing i love the most about these gatherings are the reassurance i have when i go home. i am not alone. there are more people out there that is serious about this.

Mood when finished: i was cold and tired but i was inspired.

Repeat worthiness: i will definitely attend more. follow us on facebook for up to date events like this.

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