sprouting sunflower seeds


What I made this week:
sunflower sprouts
grew sunflowers, want to eat them but don’t feel like taking the shells off!
Mood when I started:
can’t remember
Deviation level from original:
stayed with instructions because the rotted the first time when I took too many shortcuts
Most difficult part:
finding all the items needed (in my house)
Easiest part:
everything else
Time used:
3 minutes, after that every day a few secs
End result:
ok-ish not too many sunflowers sprouted at the same time initially
What I would change:
not sure what I should be doing different. Perhaps more sunlight? My windowsill is facing north (I’m in the Southern Hemisphere)
Mood when finished:
a bit silly because it was basically admitting to my audience that the first attempt was a failure
Repeat worthiness:
when I figure out higher success rate I will repeat it
Original name:
sprouting jars