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Guest blogger:
Michelle Beattie

Company / web address:

What I did this week:
I educated children at Capella House about the harmful impacts of plastic in our environment and oceans.

To educate about recycling and the conscious decisions we can make to decrease our footprint on the planet. Through the purchasing choices we make and by doing regular beach clean ups.

Mood when I started:
Motivated and excited!

Deviation level:
I started by feeling quite overwhelmed by all the research and information I had accumulated around the issue of plastic in our ocean. It was necessary for me to reduce all the information in a way to get my message across with a powerful impact.

Most difficult part:
It has been a few years since I have spoken in front of a group of people. So I was a little nervous.

Easiest part:
I spoke to engaging and supportive children.

Time used:
20 min

End result:
Awareness, and a great school with awesome teachers and children who are backing my recycling initiative whole heartedly.

What I would change:

Mood when finished:
Elevated and proud

Repeat worthiness:
This initiative will be ongoing

Original name:
Plastic recycling and the impact of plastic in our oceans.

More info: for more information on plastics in our oceans/upcoming beach clean ups




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