harvesting stinging nettles


What I did this week:
On a chilly afternoon after 2 craft beer from Peach Pip Market my other Urban Farm Girl and me went to pick stinging nettles.

Stinging nettles were on my radar as superfood, have healing properties and my personal best: it’s free and grows everywhere!

Mood when I started:
Cold and apprehensive, because we did not have good protective gear. It was a bit of a spontaneous idea. Turned out Marina had not met stinging nettle before and found out quickly why it was called “brandnetel” in both Dutch and Afrikaans.

What I learnt:
Browsing the web and reading Medicin Der Erde, the application possibilities of stinging nettle are endless. We will be exploring more in other blogs. Also, we were a bit late in season, a month or so earlier would have been a better yield of succulent young plants.

Mood when finished:
Despite the blisters on our hands we were delighted with the large volume and small effort it took to get it. And there’s plenty more!

Repeat worthiness:
Definitely going back, with rubber gloves next time!

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