7 1/2 minute presentation at BNI Super Central


What I did this week:
Jumping ahead of the queue, I volunteered last week to take the speaker slot way ahead of my turn and kickstarted some support from the best network group in the Cape; BNI Super Central.

Nothing like a challenge being done and dusted, and the rewards were immediate!

Mood when I started:
Nervous… Luckily Wendy Scurr had offered to sit in my line of vision and gave me that great nod from the other side of the table when I was a little lost for words. My passion and visuals covered up most Dunglish. Thanks Björn Salsone for the picture!

What I learnt:
So happy to be representing Urban Farm Girl and it’s products.

Mood when finished:
My friend at the table said: “You sound so much more passionate than before!” To which I replied, letting go of all nervousness: “F#$%^ Yeah!”. The genuine interest and real sales that followed, were great and very much appreciated.

Repeat worthiness:
Would love to do another pop up shop at BNI but in the current structure not allowed, scheming a creative way around the rules :-)

Url of original event:
For more info or visiting BNI Super Central, contact me.