It’s pumpkin season!


Halloween is upon us and with that comes cute kids in ghoulish outfits, sugar rushes and off course carved pumpkins (curcurbita family).

The very first seed I ever planted in October 2013 was butternut. I knew nothing about growing food but somewhere in the cobwebs of my memories I knew I needed compost, seed, water and sunshine. Armed with just this I successfully grew butternuts that year (and have been expanding my curcubita growing skills with every year). By January of that year, we were harvesting our first beautiful butternuts!

The curcurbita family (pumpkins, butternuts, gem squash) is very easy to grow. All they need is a bit of compost every now and again and a good watering.

Here are my top 5 tips to grown your own:

  1. The curcubita family needs lots of sunny space to run their vines – on average a single seed would need about two meters of growing space.
  2. Seed from this variety can be sown from September all through to December.
  3. Seedlings come up after about two weeks and at this point could do with a serving of good quality organic compost. Water well at this point.
  4. Don’t fuss too much when the plant is flowering as this might disrupt pollination.
  5. The curcubita family all grows in summer. Winter squash refers to the fact that it can be stored for a longer period.

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