Green power to the plants!


I have never been big on fertilizers or growing stimulants for my vegetables. Mostly because you cannot get one that does not contain nasties. My growing season started late this year due to “real world” commitments. Except for some support from Karen, the Permaculture person, I have left the veggie patches to chance really! This season I got my hands on a bottle of Greenman Farm and Garden and the results have been phenomenal.

Greenman Farm and Garden is a carcinogen free, readily biodegradable botanically blended plant stimulant. It is not a fertilizer but it does mimic the action of a fertilizer through the process of cationic exchange (CE) that is the electromagnetic exchange between the plant’s root and nutrient ions of the soil. CE also encourages the increase of sugar content production in plant and that helps ward of insect attacks.

This product can also be used as a fruit and veg wash that will help you remove the pesticides from products and extend the shelf life.

In all the veggie boxes I drenched the beds twice a month. At a ratio of 35 ml product to 5 litres of water the product really does go a long way. I have never harvested as many contender beans so early in season. My tomatoes have never been as healthy as it is this year. I have not seen one aphid and the amount of ladybugs in the tomato bush is outstanding.

Happy gardening until next month!