Green girl started her life as Urban Farm Girl, owned by Marina Mynhardt and Suzan McCreadie. After a few months Marina, who has a full time job, decided to put her spare time with her family instead. Suzan changed the name of Urban Farm Girl to Green Girl and since 2016 she is slowly building the online shop further.

Suzan is passionate about the environment and recycling. Sourcing an alternative for everything in her monthly shopping basket, she has created Green Girl in support of those with the same vision of being a conscious consumer as well to “vote with your money”.

Green Girl supports products and companies matching as many of the the following criteria as possible:
– local and small companies
– organic and natural ingredients
– carbon neutral companies
– products packaged in reuseable / recyclable / readily compostable packaging
– empowering / uplifting local previously disadvantaged communities

Suzan McCreadie is also partner in Inkfish, graphic and web design studio investing in the marketing of eco friendly products.